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Online Casino Sites on Your Mobile Phone

A Finnish supplier of money games for the mobile phone sector, EGET (European Game and Entertainment Technology), has created a mobile poker online casino game for UK-based Stream Group, a content and applications provider. Online casinos fans in the UK will now be able to play poker on Stream, The Poker Channel’s exclusive provider of mobile poker and other online casino game products.

Executive Chairman of Stream Group, Gordon Robson, said, ‘The Poker Channel is enjoying huge success as the world’s first television channel dedicated to poker and therefore is an ideal partner for our new mobile poker product.’ Entertainment has never been so convenient or fun before. Now, online casino fans can play poker at their favorite online casino while they wait for the bus, wait at the doctor’s office, or are bored of the same old games. Wherever they are, whenever they feel like it, online poker is available to them.

By the beginning of next year, more than 25 million European homes hope to be reached by EGET’s mobile poker software. The Poker Channel, under the ‘Poker Heaven’ brand is the first product launched by the software maker. With this new poker product now on the market, online casino fans can play from their own mobile phones, anytime, anywhere. This new form of online gambling will add a new facet to the online casino experience of these avid poker fans.

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