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Online Casinos Fans Bet on Miss World Victory

Sportsbook, a leading online casino sports betting site, is taking odds on one of the most popular televised entertainment programs in the world – the 55th Miss World pageant competition. The competition, which will be held on December 9th, 2005 in China, will bring the most beautiful and remarkable women from all the different parts of the globe to one stage. Online casinos bettors have already begun placing bets and the early odds makers’ favorites are Miss Italy, Sofia Bruscoli, Miss Philippines, Carlene Aguillar, Miss Canada, Ramona Rina Amiri, and Miss England, Hamassa Kohistani. The online casino has placed its odds at 12-1 for Miss Italy and Miss Philippines, and 15-1 odds for the other three candidates.

‘The Miss World contest is in its 55th year and continues to be one of the most prestigious and watched television programs around the world,’ says Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, Sportsbook. ‘Everybody loves to bet and these pageants are a real attraction. They are exciting and unpredictable; people really get drawn in by their national ties.’ Some online casino bettors vote for the women representing their country, others for those they feel have the best chances to win. All in all, the beauty betting is causing a buzz at the online casino.

The glitz and glamour, the flattering swimsuits and elegant evening gowns, and the overall charm of the event make the Miss World competition so popular. Online casino betting fans will wait anxiously for the event, both to see who will become the next Miss World, and to find out if they have made some extra cash. The Miss World competition is the pinnacle of entertainment and will keep online casino fans and pageant lovers, glued to their television sets.

OCA News Editor