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Online Casino and Live Poker Lead in Entertainment

That’s right – you’ve guessed it! Live poker is back on television courtesy of FullTiltPoker online casino and the Fox Sports Network. This Thanksgiving, forget about football! Now you can watch the fastest growing sport in the world – poker! Fox Sports will be broadcasting live from Monaco, starting at 6 P.M., to cover the Full Tilt Poker Online Casino Invitational.

After finishing that mammoth Thanksgiving meal, online casinos fans and poker lovers alike will be able to watch this exciting and tension-filled game right from their living rooms.

Each poker contestant will be putting up $120,000, with the online casino adding in another $160,000, bringing the total purse to a whopping $1 million. The final three players will walk away from the table with part of the lump sum, third place winner taking their buy in back, second place receiving $280,000, and first place leaving with $600,000. The ever popular heart monitors will also make an appearance while FSN shows the audience at home just how the players’ heart rates are doing. FullTiltPoker online casino and Fox Sports want to bring you all of the top components of this poker invitational to the comfort of your own home.

George Greenberg, FSN’s Executive Vice President of Programming and Production, said, ‘Poker is one of the most durable pieces of programming to ever hit cable television. It rates well and it repeats well. Poker sponsors are fabulous collaborators and are singularly focused on how to grow the game of poker. FSN is pleased to be a part of the rapid expansion of the game,’ added Greenberg. The online casino has invited the best poker pros to compete in this match, with such stars as Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson, Phill Hellmuth, John Juanda, among others. The game is expected to be the highlight of Thanksgiving entertainment this year. With this, and other great poker events, FullTiltPoker online casino knows how to bring the best of poker to you.

OCA News Editor