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Online Casino Props Bets Focus on Warren Beatty

Online casino sports betting fans love to vote on their favorite teams, but they also enjoy betting on props – other subjects unrelated to online gambling such as politics, celebrities, business, and television shows. Online casino betting can be conducted on any subject, anywhere. The latest props bets being placed by online casinos players have to do with Warren Beatty and his possible run for governor of California.

Although, at times, it may be difficult to fathom, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of the state of California. Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States, and even Jesse Ventura was Minnesota’s governor. So the fact that Warren Beatty might run for office, Schwarzenegger’s office that is, can be easily understood. The question is – will he? At the present time, online casino players have been placing bets, now at 10/13 odds on the possibility that Beatty will, in fact, announce his intent to run. For those online casino fans betting against Beatty’s potential run for governor of the Golden State, odds are at 10/11.

Because online casino sports’ betting has become so popular over the years, it was only natural that these online casinos would branch out into other areas, such as entertainment and politics, in order to offer other types of betting. For some, these forms of betting are even more exciting and fun than regular sports betting. With regards to Warren Beatty, online casino fans, and lovers of politics, will anxiously await the decision of this famous actor and his possible plans of eventually replacing the ‘governator’.

OCA News Editor