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Online Casino Sponsors Dennis Rodman’s New Book

Yet again, Golden Palace Online Casino has made headlines. For their most recent advertising stunt, they have chosen the stunt-man of them all: Dennis Rodman. Sponsoring the basketball legend, their logo has been plastered all over Rodman’s entire book signing debut. With his new book, ‘I Should Be Dead By Now’ finally out on shelves, details of his life’s history of wild living and crazy publicity stunts will now reach millions. The online casino giant was proud to be a part of this event, and online casinos fans everywhere were probably glued to the Internet and television as they watched Dennis Rodman climb out of a Golden Palace plastered coffin.

‘We are always curious and fascinated by Dennis’ flair for the dramatic,’ laughed Richard Rowe, CEO of the online casino. ‘Anyone that knows Golden Palace knows that we also enjoy coming up with creative ways to get attention. We wish Dennis the best of luck with his book and we know that people will love to read about his exploits over the years.’ As with the other marketing campaigns the online casino entertainment king and basketball champ have jointly initiated in the past, Rodman arrived at his book signing on 100 Broadway’s Borders Books and Music in full grandeur.

Dressed to the nines, and wearing a Beetlejuice hair and make-up face, Dennis Rodman slowly climbed out of a monstrous coffin which was carried by several scantily clad women and arrived in a giant hearse. The huge crowd awaiting his arrival at the book store could not believe their eyes when they finally saw Rodman. The online casino ad tattoo was everywhere, and people were speechless as Rodman greeted the many fans and media present. The basketball legend plans to be buried in the very same coffin, and has requested that the online casino keep it until that time arrives. Golden Palace has agreed.

OCA News Editor