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Czech Players Will Love Online Casino Games

The Prague Post recently published an article revealing the number of Czech citizens who regularly visit casinos. These numbers would probably be identical, if not larger, had online casino sites been available to the Czech public. As part of an interview with the CEO of a national entertainment company, the official statistics were revealed. According to Katerina Danhelovna, general director of Synot Holding, last year Czechs spent 84.6 billion Kc ($3.4 billion) at casinos. This year, there has been an 8.5 percent increase in Czech gamblers. One can only imagine what the statistics would be if online casinos and online casino games had been involved.

Synot Holding is a corporation which includes some of the country’s major casino operators. Danhelovna had this to say: ‘We are of the view that a change in the (Internet gambling) law should end illegal practices, including advertising for these services, or on the other hand liberalize the market and allow Czech betting offices to offer Internet betting. In the case of market liberalization for Czech companies, we will be ready to offer betting services over the Internet to our clients.’ With the Czech Republic ranking fourth in Europe in terms of personal expenditure on casino games, online casino sites would be surely become popular, and many regular gamblers would become online casino fans.

External organizations and online casino sites operating through the Internet have created increased competition for their land-based brothers. Danhelovna hopes that online casino operations will eventually become legal throughout the country, and she believes this will occur, due to continual investment in marketing these entertainment venues.

OCA News Editor