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Online Casino Features TV Spots

For online casino poker players who want to know who to look out for the next time they sit at a virtual, or real, table, Bodog has created four new television spots to help make poker fans aware of the potential poker predators waiting at the tables. With the slick new ads from Bodog, four typical poker hustler-types will be shown in detail to help online casino fans identify and avoid these players. The spots are the latest part of Bodog’s multimillion-dollar US integrated advertising campaign which encompasses all forms of marketing media. Online casinos fans will love these new funky, yet informative commercial ads.

‘This new advertising creative is intended to aid players in their poker game by identifying and thus lessening the potential threat these poker ‘predators’ pose,’ Calvin Ayre, CEO of Bodog, said. ‘While serving as a teaching tool for real world games, these ads also highlight the fact that Bodog’s online poker provides a forum where predators are automatically disarmed and on the same level as everyone else.’ Online casino players will surely gain an advantage once they become fully aware of the different types of hustlers. With details about the various characteristics and play moves these poker predators possess, the commercials are concise and effective.

In addition to the upbeat and contemporary look, feel and sound of these television spots, Ayre is featured in every one of them, which is a groundbreaking moment in itself. Online casino players can see first-hand that Bodog takes these ads, and their message, seriously. With the potential threats and different types of online casino and land-based hustlers just waiting for their next opportunity to attack, it is comforting and reassuring to know that an online casino operator cares enough to educate and inform poker fans of the dangerous aspects of poker.

OCA News Editor