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Online Casino Poker Could Kick-Off a Career

Online casino sites have a variety of games to play for any online casinos fan. However, with the new widespread coverage of poker everywhere, online casino poker is quickly becoming the most popular online gambling game around. Some people make money from it, and others make dreams come true.

Tom Sartori was always sure of one thing – he wanted to be a famous musician. But things weren’t going his way in the music business. The closest he could get to a stage was during small gigs in East Coast college towns. And his transportation wasn’t that much better. It relied solely on his creaky, run-down van which carried himself and his amps from performance to performance. That, of course was all before he began playing poker – and winning. As an online casino poker player, the same idea applies. Anyone can have the chance to turn their dreams into reality. All it takes is self-confidence, a strong strategy, and a lot of luck.

After winning the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas last summer and taking home a grand prize of $305,000, Sartori’s life has completely changed. ‘It’s easier winning the World Series of Poker than it is making it big in music the way the industry is today,’ Sartori said. ‘But my dream has always been to succeed in music. Music is my life. Poker is my hobby. But it’s a hobby that has allowed me to further my music.’ Now with studio time, a new wardrobe, a stylist, a publicist, and most importantly, a reliable car, Sartori is fully going after the career he has always dreamed of for himself. For online casino gamblers who find inspiration in this story, now is your chance to try and get on the road to riches at your favorite online casino site.

OCA News Editor