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Online Casino Fans Pick Their American Idol

That’s right…it’s that time again. Online Casino sites all over the web, as well as households all across America, are getting ready for the 5th season of one of the most popular shows on cable television: American Idol 5. Beginning in January, all of the funny audition clips, the rude and biting comments made by Simon Cowell, and the superb hidden talents among the American population will once again be on the television screens of Americans nationwide with new wagers on vocal contenders already being made by online casinos fans. This time, excitement from both devoted music fans and online casino bettors will be paramount as their eyes watch and vote to see who will be the next American Idol.

The online casinos new trend of props betting, or placing bets on events other than sports games, is quickly becoming a popular form of gambling. Online casino fans make up most of the props betting population, but people all over the world have been participating in this new, exciting and interestingly different form of betting. Current wagers are being placed to decide whether the next American Idol will be male or female. The most recent status check shows a male winner at 10-11 odds, meaning for every11 dollars wagered, online gambling bettors stand to receive 10 dollars. A female winner is standing at the moment with 5-6 odds, meaning for every 6 dollars wagered, online casino bettors stand to receive 5 dollars.

Like past American Idol televised competitions, season 5 is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. With inside looks into the lives of these musical magicians, online casino bettors and Idol fans will surely be glued to their television sets during for the newest season of musical stardom and online casino fame.

OCA News Editor