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Bin Laden’s Fate Wagered by Online Casino Fans

Online casino sites, namely those who deal with sports betting, have been turning to props betting to lure more online casinos fans. Props betting, wagering which is made on entertainment events rather than sports games, have been growing in popularity all over the web, with more and more online casino gamers placing bets on fun and even outlandish subjects.

One such props odds-type bet has to do with a more solemn subject. Although the September 11th attacks occurred a little over 4 years ago, the feeling of uneasiness and unrest still resides within us. Many times, the anger and overwhelming sense of loss can make it seem as though the tragedy took place only yesterday. And among all of the strong emotions and mind-boggling thoughts lies the mystery of the whereabouts of the central figure behind these tragic events: Osama Bin Laden. Online casino fans have decided to place bets on his fate, possibly in the hopes that this online casino props bet (the leading wagers target his being found dead) can bring some new developments on his location to light.

Currently, wagers placed on Bin Laden being found dead are at 4-1 odds, meaning for every dollar wagered, an online casino player stands to win 4 dollars. Odds for his being captured alive are at 1-1 odds, and his being killed by enemy fire is at 2-3 odds. Although it is only an online casino props bet, it serves as a reflection of public feeling and opinion regarding the search for closure for this integral piece of the 9/11 puzzle.

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