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Pregnant Bellies Make Online Casino News

With Hurricane Wilma keeping Florida in the headlines for the past two weeks, three young ladies got their bellies temporarily tattooed with the Golden Palace Online Casino logo. Now that the news about Wilma has calmed down, these three mothers-to-be from St. Petersburg, Florida are getting their fifteen minutes of fame, and promoting one of the leading online casino operators on the Internet in the process.

Pregnant Bellies Make Online Casino News

The three sisters, Ann, Amy, and Kathleen, are all due within a 3 month time frame, and all live in the same neighborhood. Because they tend to travel around together, they are quickly noticed by passes-by, which automatically get the online casino name out into the public. These three women are even willing to go to sporting events, such as Tampa Bay Lightening games, Tampa Bay Buccaneers games, as well as theme parks like Universal Studios and Busch Gardens. All of these public appearances will allow anyone and everyone who sees them to learn about the online casino leader.

And what about when it gets cold out? In Florida, it certainly doesn’t snow, but it can get to some fairly low temperatures. Golden Palace emblazoned t-shirts or hats and magnetic signs for their cars are ready to go. The online casino advertising king has once again pushed the envelope. Other online casino operators can definitely take an example and learn from Golden Palace.

OCA News Editor