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Cyprus Casino Set to Be Operational By 2021

Cyprus Casino Set to Be Operational By 2021

If you enjoy holidaying in Cyprus and wish that there was somewhere to play your favourite casino games then you’ll be pleased to hear that the island’s first casino is set to be operational by 2021.

The casino is to be built overlooking the Mediterranean and will be the largest of its kind in Europe. It is being developed by Melco International Development and is expected to attract 300,000 tourists each year. Furthermore, it is thought that it could bring is as much as €700 million per year for the island.

The resort will include a 500-room luxury hotel, 11 restaurants and cafeterias, a retail area, wellness centre and sports centre. It will help to generate at least 2,100 jobs and will also have facilities for meetings, conferences, exhibitions and more. The casino itself will contain 136 gaming tables and 1,200 gaming machines.

OCA News Editor