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How Technology is Set to Change Online Gambling

How Technology is Set to Change Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is continually evolving and the next few years promise to bring with them great innovations.

One of the latest innovations is the eSports industry and it is though that revenues from it could hit $1.5 billion by 2020. Global eSports tournaments are becoming more and more popular as is gambling on them. As the trend continues fans can expect to find more and more betting markets available.

Another emerging area of technology is Virtual Reality and headsets are becoming more and more common. There has been a lot of speculation about how it could impact the gambling industry and there are already a few VR casinos emerging.

VR Casinos will give players an even more realistic and immersive experience than the current generation of live dealer casinos and they are likely to be hugely popular. There are also developers working on VR slots and this is also likely to become even more popular as more people acquire headsets.

Last year mobile gaming revenues surpassed PC revenues and this trend is continuing. More and more online casinos are offering mobile versions and a huge number of games can now be enjoyed on mobile devices. It is likely that mobile VR and mobile eSports will also become available in the coming years and this could be a huge hit with gamers.

Another major technological advancement has been cryptocurrencies and there are currently around six million unique users of the most popular currency, Bitcoin. There are a number of online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies and as the currencies grow in popularity so too will the number of cryptocurrency casinos.


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