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Phil Ivey Takes Fight to the Supreme Court

Phil Ivey Takes Fight to the Supreme Court

Phil Ivey has taken his long running legal battle with the Crockford Club over £7.7 million in winnings to the Supreme Court.

Ivey won the money playing punto banco back in 2012. The casino initially agreed to pay out the money but then decided that he had cheated. Ivey admits to ‘edge sorting’, a technique whereby you identify patterns on the back of cards to keep track of them, but he says that it is a legitimate way to gain an advantage. Last year the Court of Appeal ruled that it was cheating.

He was helped by the gambler Cheung Yin Sun and was betting up to £150,000 a hand at the casino. Yin Sun was able to recognise small flaws on the back a particular brand of cards. Ivey says that this is fair but the casino argues it was dishonest. It is not known when the Supreme Court will announce its judgement.

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