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Australia to Ban Gambling Adverts During Live Sports

Australia to Ban Gambling Adverts During Live Sports

In a blow to bookmakers, the Australian government will be banning gambling adverts on TV, radio and internet during live sporting events broadcast before 8:30pm.

The new restrictions will ban gambling adverts from five minutes before the start of a match until five minutes afterwards or 8:30pm, whichever comes first. However, the existing exemptions for advertising that covers the racing industry and lotteries will remain. The country’s sports teams and leagues will closely scrutinize the decision as there are many sponsorship deals with the betting industry.

Australia is the biggest gambling nation in the world on a per capita basis, ahead of Hong Kong and Finland. The new restrictions on advertising is to prevent gambling becoming normalised for children but many are claiming that the restrictions do not go far enough and promised to keep campaigning for tougher laws.

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