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Jeremy Corbyn Becomes Punters’ Favourite

Jeremy Corbyn Becomes Punters’ Favourite

There has been a flurry of bets on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to become the next Prime Minister according to leading online odds websites.

When betting markets initially opened the majority of bets favoured Theresa May to stay on as Prime Minster. However, a couple of days later punters began to back Corbyn despite the polls with 48% of bets placed on the Labour leader. Furthermore, 44% of bets placed on the “to win most seats” market favoured the Labour party ahead of the Tories on 39%.

A spokesman for Betfred said that it may be down to Labour’s “substantial grassroots membership” causing a “degree of optimism.” Alternatively, it could be that the odds on Jeremy Corbyn, 8/1, are considerably better than those on Theresa May, 1/10 and punters are just taking a risk. In recent years, political betting has become particularly popular and bookies are expecting to take a huge number of bets in the coming weeks.

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