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Finns Wish to Keep State Gambling Monopoly

Finns Wish to Keep State Gambling Monopoly

A study has found that close to 70% of Finnish people want the government to keep its monopoly on gambling.

It appears that the country’s citizens would prefer the state to have control over gambling despite may arguments against the arrangement. The Finnish gambling market is worth more than €2.5 billion, including lotteries and both online and land casinos. The nation ranks within the top ten gambling nations in the world. The average Finn spends €14 gambling per week and as many as 80% of adults gamble at least once a year.

The country has become well known for producing some of the world’s most successful high-stakes players such as Patrik Antonius, Sami Kelopuro, Jens Kyllönen, Ilari Sahamies and Juha Helppi. At times there have been as many as 125,000 online poker players in Finland since the market was regulated in the country in 2010.

OCA News Editor