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Coral Wins Case Over Rangers Relegation Bet

Coral Wins Case Over Rangers Relegation Bet

A former bookmaker who sued Coral for £250,000 winnings over a Rangers relegation bet has lost the court case.

Arnold Kinloch bet £100 on the club being relegated from the Scottish Premier League in 2011 and was given odds of 25000/1 by Coral Racing. The club went into administration in February 2012 and then into liquidation and hence returned to playing in the bottom tier of the Scottish senior leagues in the SFL Third Division. Coral refused to pay out saying that relegation was confined to going down one league on points.

The judge ruled that Rangers ended up in a lower division by the entry into a contract that allowed them to join the SFL in the third division rather than relegation to a lower division and as a result it was a losing bet.

OCA News Editor