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Online Gambling May Be Returning to Poland

Online Gambling May Be Returning to Poland

Seven years after Poland outlawed gambling the government is considering new laws that would allow sports betting and online poker.

Jaroslaw Gowin, the Deputy Prime Minister, said that the government is currently working on a new gambling bill. He said that the country lost a huge amount of money after gambling was banned in 2009 and as a result they are looking to change the law in order to return the money to the budget.

Last May Poland’s Ministry of Finance hinted that changes to the country’s gambling laws will include allowing Polish licensed online operators to offer slots provided that they adhere to principles of responsible gambling. However, the latest draft suggests that online slots will be nationalised and only operate via the national lottery services.

The Ministry of Finance will also be allowing some land based slots in specific locations.

However, for the time being gambling is still not allowed but despite this according to the deputy Prime Minister Poles are continuing to lose PLN 100-300 million a month.

It is hoped that the new gambling laws may take effect as soon as January 1st. In the meantime the laws have been submitted to various other branches of government for their approval. Gowin also said that a second bill will be put forward once the first is enacted to “liberalise” the system and make it safe to use bookmaker services and play online poker.

The ministry is also intending to beef up enforcement efforts against international operators serving the Polish market, primarily by the standard IP and payment-blocking mechanisms. The ministry also threatens “more severe consequences” for operators who continue to flout the law.

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