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Betting on the Next Leader of the Conservative Party

Betting on the Next Leader of the Conservative Party

Following a turbulent week in British Politics bookmakers have massively lengthened the odds on Michael Gove becoming the next Prime Minister.

Theresa May is the firm favourite to become the next leader of the Conservative party following her well-received leadership bid speech on Thursday. The odds on Gove were as short as 5/2 but following accusations of back-stabbing the odds have been lengthened to 8/1 at major bookmakers.

May now has odds of around 1/3 at most bookmakers and she is followed by Andrea Leadsom who has odds of around 9/2 and the majority of bookmakers. At the same time Angela Eagle is favourite to take over from Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Party with odds of around 10/4. Wagering on the EU Referendum broke the record for non-sporting bets with an impressive £120 million bet on the outcome.

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