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Bookmakers Pay Out Thousands to Those Who Backed Brexit

Bookmakers Pay Out Thousands to Those Who Backed Brexit

While many are still processing the implications of the Brexit vote last week those who bet on the referendum are busy collecting their winnings.

According to William Hill one woman lost £100,000. It was the bookmaker’s largest bet and was placed at odds of 2/5 and would have given her a £40,000 profit had it won. However, another woman in London bet £10,000 on a leave vote with odds of 11/4 making her a profit of £27,500.

Betting on the referendum was unprecedented for a political event and bookmakers said it had as much interest as the World Cup. Bookmakers said afterwards that the majority of bets placed were backing leave but that it is the size of the bet which affects the odds and that is why Remain was favourite to win. Bookmakers are now taking bets on the next Prime Minister and Boris Johnson is currently the clear favourite.

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