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New Record for Largest Political Bet Set on Britain EU Referendum

New Record for Largest Political Bet Set on Britain EU Referendum

A new record for the largest political bet placed by a woman was set this week when a punter placed £100,000 on Britain remaining in the European Union.

The huge bet was placed by a woman who lives in central London at a William Hill betting shop. According to the bookmaker it is four times larger than the previous record. The previous record was set in 1992 when a woman bet £25,000 on Bill Clinton to beat George Bus at odds of 7/4 and collected £68,750.

The latest bet was placed at short odds of 2/5 which means that if it wins then the woman will receive just £40,000 but this is still a massive payout. Had she waited a little longer she could have benefited from slightly longer odds of 4/9.

However, ever since that bet was placed almost all of the bets placed at William Hill have been on the leave vote winning which suggests that the women may have a nervous few weeks ahead of her.

At all the bookmakers the Stay vote is still the favourite and the majority of them are offering odds of around 4/9. Leave is still some way behind with the major bookmakers offering odds of either 7/4 or 15/8.

Some bookmakers are also accepting bets on the percentage of voters to vote for remain. The shortest odds are of 50%-55% with Bet365, Ladbrokes, Sky Bet and more offering odds of 9/4. At Coral the odds are not much longer, 11/4, for 45.1% to 50% to vote for Remain.

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