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Aspers Reveals Plans for New Southampton Casino

Aspers Reveals Plans for New Southampton Casino

This week the operators of a new large casino planned for Southampton were revealed together with their impressive plans for the venue.

The casino will be run by Aspers who say that it will create 200 jobs as well £250,000 to be spent on projects to improve the city. The casino will also be giving 2% of its gross gaming revenues to the council. The new casino is the most recent of eight large casinos licenses to be issued in the UK and it is part of the £450 million Royal Pier regeneration. It is set to include up to 150 slot machines, 30 blackjack and roulette tables and bars, restaurants and live entertainment.

Aspers has also pledged £50,000 a year to go towards problem gambling initiatives across Southampton. The casino is due to open in 2021 and will also feature 730 apartments, up to 50 shops and a 250 bed hotel.

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