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New Social Betting Platform Aims to Increase Users Success

New Social Betting Platform Aims to Increase Users Success

A new social betting platform has just been launched which allows members to follow each other, see each other’s bets and receive betting tips from any other user.

The platform, known as FanBet, is running a weekly competition called FanPlay. Members will be able to place bets on Premier League games using betting credits and the data is then analysed and the top bettors are ranked according to their success. Users of the platform can then see the live picks and betting history of these members and if they so wish imitate their bets.

All members will have to do is log into their accounts and look at the live stream of bets being placed from winning bettors. Bettors are ranked based on their average return from their last five bets. You can then add a bet to the odds tracker and FanBet will compare a number of leading bookmakers in order to find the best available odds for your money.

The platform is completely free to join and the sign up process is very quick. After joining members will have instant access to all of the platform’s features including a mobile live score service.

There are also a number of chat rooms available on the site where members can discuss tips with each other while still receiving live updates such as scores, scorers, minutes played and booking information.

The platform believes that it will be able to improve the success of all of its members. Furthermore, as it doesn’t accept money or bets it is legal to use across the world. At present the platform focuses solely on the Premier League but there are plans to expand in the near future.

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