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James Packer Brings Hollywood to Macau for Studio City Opening

James Packer Brings Hollywood to Macau for Studio City Opening

Earlier this week James Packer brought Hollywood glamour to the launch of his new $4.5 billion casino in Macau.

Packer’s girlfriend Mariah Carey joined him on the red carpet at the opening of the Studio City Resort while other big names on hand included Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and the director Martin Scorsese.

At the opening the premier of ‘The Audition’ was shown, a short film made to promote the casino which had a reported budget of $100 million. The film was directed by Scorsese and features DiCaprio, De Niro and Brad Pitt who were reportedly paid $17 million each.

The resort complex features lagoon swimming pools in the ‘Riverscape’ water world, an art gallery, a 130 metre high Ferris wheel suspended between the casino’s two towers, a ‘Batman 4D Simulator’ and its own arena where some of the world’s biggest stars, such as Madonna, are set to perform.

There are two hotels, the Star and Celebrity Towers. There are hundreds of luxury rooms and suites and extensive facilities. The resort also features a 40,000 square foot children’s playground called the Warner Brothers Fun Zone.

The resort is designed to house 400 gambling tables however, so far the casino has not secured the necessary government approvals to include a gaming floor. Nonetheless, it is widely expected that a deal will be reached in the near future.

However, James Packer has already shifted his attention on to his next project, another casino in Sydney which he has said will be the most expensive building ever built per square foot.

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