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£150 Million Resorts World Casino opens in Birmingham

£150 Million Resorts World Casino opens in Birmingham

The £150 million casino and shopping centre Resorts World has opened in Birmingham and there are high hopes that it will soon start attracting tourists from around the world.

It is a 12 storey, 50,000 square-metre building based upon the shape of a cruise ship. Within its walls visitors will find 18 bars and restaurants, 50 outlet shops, a cinema, casino, spa and hotel. The centre is also located next to the Genting Arena concert venue.

The resort is the first of its kind in the UK considering that visitors will not have to leave the building in order to make use of the various different facilities. Operations manager Barry Clemo said that it is aimed at those too young to sit at home watching TV and those too old to push through crowds in the city centre.

When it is fully operational the resort will employ 1,200 staff and it can accommodate up to 12,000 visitors at any one time.

Among the attractions it has to offer is an Asian themed spa, an Australian themed restaurant and a New York themed bar. The idea is that once within its walls visitors could be anywhere in the world.

The casino houses more than 100 slot machines and numerous roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat tables. There is also a 100 seat sports bar which will be open 24 hours a day with luxurious private viewing booths.

The hotel offers a number of five star suites with panoramic lakeside views and guests at the hotel are able to visit the Asian themed spa without having to pass through public areas.

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