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William Hill Suspends Betting on 2015 Grexit

William Hill Suspends Betting on 2015 Grexit

Most of the world is currently keeping a close eye on Greece as their financial crisis unravels and in the meantime bookmaker William Hill has stopped taking bets on the likelihood of Greece exciting the Eurozone before the end of next year.

When the Greek government announced its intention to hold a referendum on the bail-out terms put forward by its lenders punters rushed to place their bets. The referendum isn’t due to take place until next week but William Hill has said that the situation in Greece is now too volatile to be able to accept bets on it.

When William Hill closed the markets on a Grexit the odds were 2/9 that it would remain in the Eurozone until 2016 and the odds of a Grexit happening this year had dropped from 5/1 to 3/1.

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