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NanoTech Gaming Develops Pinball Skill Gambling

NanoTech Gaming Develops Pinball Skill Gambling

Aaron Hightower, the vice president of gaming technology for NanoTech Gaming, has developed a revolutionary new approach to casino gambling. He has created the Vegas 2047, an electronic pinball machine that will allow players to choose the degree of luck and the degree of skill that determine the potential payout.

Hightower said that he believes that gambling should be something where players have a fair chance to win and that skill should certainly come into it. The company is now hoping that their pinball machine will feature in casinos by the end of the year.

Before playing, a player will decide the size of the bet, the potential win amount and to what degree the pinball score should factor into the outcome. The company has suggested a minimum bet of $100 with a 1% house edge. This means that while skilful players will have an advantage, there is still no guarantee of winning.

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