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The Best Apps for Mobile Financial Trading

The Best Apps for Mobile Financial Trading

Many people are turning towards financial trading as they look to make some extra money in the aftermath of the last few years of financial turmoil. However, for those that don’t understand the financial markets this can be quite daunting. Luckily there are now several apps that allow you to practise your skills before risking your money.

Those who are completely new to trading should take a look at BUX. The app is available for both iOS and Android and players are initially given 1,000 Bux. Players are then able to make trades with this virtual money using data from the real world markets. Similar is Kapitall which aims to teach its users how to invest. Kapitall also includes social elements such as the option to share trading portfolios with other users. There are also monthly competitions that let players compete for real cash.

Those who are slightly more advanced should take a look at Stock Wars: Virtual Investing. It allows users to manage a virtual portfolio and place real-time orders. The app offers a huge amount of detail such as purchase history, dividends and the distribution of holdings.

Perhaps the most realistic experience is available from Invstr. As well as allowing users to place virtual bets on the stock market, it also offers a live news feed with the latest financial information as well as social forums relating to particular stocks.

However, while these apps are all excellent tools they won’t win you any real money. Luckily there are plenty of online brokers that allow you to trade while on the move. For instance 24Winner is an excellent place for new traders. It has been extremely well designed and operates an excellent mobile website. Members will be able to make numerous types of trades on more than 120 different assets. There are also numerous resources available to help new traders get off to a good start.

Another excellent site for mobile trading is 24Option. The platform is absolutely excellent and extremely user friendly, furthermore it is completely mobile and tablet friendly so members can make use of it and follow their traders while on the go. Best of all, if you don’t quite feel ready to risk your money yet 24Option allows people to open demo accounts in order to practise trading and become familiar with the software.

Those who are really after flexibility and detail while on the move should have a look at The site actually offers a total of eight different platforms, many of which are mobile friendly. Members of the site can trade on a huge number of assets such as commodities, stocks, indices and forex. There are dedicated mobile apps as well as a WAP trader for those that don’t yet have smartphones. The site also offers a huge number of resources to help traders perform successful trades.

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