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Macau Casino Woes Send Players to the Open Arms of Online Gaming

Recent crackdowns in the Macau casino industry have operators raking in their worst reported revenue since 2012.

Known for extravagance and its draw to high-rollers, the Macau casino sector is the only location in China where gambling is made legal. Macau is expecting a visit from President Xi Jinping this month.

Analysts projects that revenues could drop to 0% or worse before March of next year. With the atmosphere of retrograde in the air around Macau, plenty of wealthy gamblers are looking to online casinos to get their kicks.

While land-based gambling may be illegal outside of Macau in mainland china, online casinos offer an outlet for Chinese players to enjoy gambling at their leisure in their own language with familiar casino games from both the East and West. Chinese language support is fast being implemented by established gaming brands like William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Winner Casinos.

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