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Quindell (QPP) Share Price LSE Monday 3 November 2014

Quindell (QPP) Share Price LSE Monday 3 November 2014

Last week will have been fairly disappointing for Quindell (QPP) with share prices dropping 9.62% for the week from a high of 147.375p on Monday to as low as 128.625p on Friday before closing for the week at 134.00p

In fact it has been a disappointing month with shares down 13.63% for the month and down 61.88% for the past six month. Nonetheless, analysts are confident that the company will recover. Brokers Canaccord Genuity is recommending buying the shares and has set a target price of 362p. Brokers Daniel Stewart is also recommending buying and has set a far higher target price of 700p

Investors are certainly paying attention, on Friday 62.8% of Quinell shares that were traded were bought while 32.2% were sold. Quindell won an important five year contract with a major Canadian insurer earlier this month, so there are clearly reasons to be optimistic.

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