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Lloyds Bank (LLOY) Share Price LSE Monday 3 November 2014

Lloyds Bank (LLOY) Share Price LSE Monday 3 November 2014

Despite a midweek dip, last week was fairly positive overall for Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY). The shares opened at 75.30p on Monday and although they did dip as low as 73.09p on Tuesday, they recovered well throughout the rest of the week to close at 77.13p on Friday.

Banks stocks received a boost on Friday afternoon when the Bank of England unveiled softer than expected requirements for leverage rations. It was revealed to be just 4.05%, at the lower end of the range expected. Furthermore, the FCC said that the full requirement won’t come into force until 2019.

The majority of brokers, including Deutsche Bank, Numis, Investec and Espirito Santo Execution Noble, have now assessed Lloyds’ shares as ‘buy’ with target prices ranging from 86p – 97p. Only JP Morgan Czenove has assessed the shares as ‘overweight’.

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