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Monitise (MONI) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 31

Monitise (MONI) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 31

Thursday was another good day for Monitise (MONI). Having opened at 32.250p, the shares initially dropped hitting 31.625p; however, they soon recovered and topped 34.625p before closing up 4.3% for the day at 33.375p. This means that Monitise’s share price is now up 10.34% for the week and 5.79% for the month.

Brokers also appear to have confidence in the future of Monitise shares, Canaccord Genuity is recommending buying the shares and they have set a target price of 85p. However, investors don’t seem as convinced, 48.63% of Monitise shares traded on Thursday were sold while only a slight majority of 51.37% were bought.

The shares received a boost after US billionaire Leon Cooperman praised the company and held on to his stake during its recent problems, furthermore, he also tried to acquire Visa’s stake in Monitise.

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