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Quindell (QPP) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 30

Quindell (QPP) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 30

After opening on Wednesday at 145p Quindell (QPP) saw its shares drop sharply around midday to 138.75p before closing the day at 138p, a loss of 4.83%.

This drop means that the shares are now only up 1.4% for the month and are now down 4.61% for the week. Still brokers remain confident about Quindell’s future and all of them are recommending buying the shares. Target prices range from 362p from Canaccord Genuity to 700p from Daniel Stewart, but both these extremes represent significant gains.

It seems that investors are paying attention, on Wednesday 58.69% of Quindell’s shares that were traded were bought while 41.31% were sold. As Quindell continues with its expansion plans analysts are expecting to see a significant rise in the price of Quindell shares, but it may be a relatively long term investment.

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