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Lloyds Bank (LLOY) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 30

Lloyds Bank (LLOY) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 30

After a disappointing week, Wednesday brought a bit of relief to Lloyds Banking Group’s (LLOY) shares. On Tuesday the shares had dropped as low as 73.13p but on Wednesday they opened at 74.09p and rose throughout the day to close at 74.480p up 1.33% for the day.

The increase came after a tough week where Lloyds had announced a number of branch closures, staff cuts, miss-selling charges and fears over how the bank will fair when the Bank of England conducts its stress tests in December.

Still brokers remain reasonably confident that things will improve for the bank and a number of them, such as Deutsche Bank, Numis and Investec, are recommending buying shares. Nonetheless, investors are clearly split down the middle, 50.62% of Lloyds’ shares that were traded on Wednesday were sold and 49.38% were bought.

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