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Royal Mail (RMG) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 29

Royal Mail (RMG) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 29

Having fallen on Monday, Tuesday saw the Royal Mail (RMG) share price recover. The share opened at 447.40p having closed at 443.80p on Monday. At one point on Tuesday the price reached 458.00p and it closed at 453.50.

In general the share has been climbing since the beginning of the month and overall it is up 10.95% for the month. This week it is up 0.86%.

The majority of brokers have kept their recommendations the same for Royal Mail shares this month. However, there is a large range of assessments. While Berenberg is recommending buying for the second month in a row, Cantor Fitzgerald is saying sell while JP Morgan Cazenove says the share is overweight and Credit Siusse has assessed it as underperforming.

In general it seems the investors agree with the negative assessments, on Tuesday 56.2% of the shares traded were sold while 43.8% were bought.

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