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Quindell (QPP) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 29

Quindell (QPP) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 29

Tuesday saw Quindell (QPP) shares remain fairly steady, having opened the day at 142.625p the price climbed up to 144.750p and remained firmly above 143p throughout the rest of the day.

While Quindell prices are down 10.77% for the week, for they month they are up 6.23%. The company is pressing ahead with its expansion. Last week it announced a contract with a leading insurer in Canada, one of many contract announcements made by the company this year.

As a result Quindell shares are expected to rise and many brokers are recommending buying the shares while they are at a relative low. The price has risen well above 600p in the past year and could do so again, Daniel Stewart has set a target price of 700p for the share. However, it may be a few months until the share price begins to rise.

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