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32red (TTR) Share Price Outlook LSE October 29

Today’s trading for 32red had been interesting, with extended horizontal movement until midday when shares suddenly dipped and skyrocketed well over opening values just after noon.

While in the intraday the news is good, this comes on the tail end of a steady downturn for the stock over the last six months.

With share prices low, brokers are leaning towards buy recommendations. However, until the stock begins to show real improvement it may be considered a risky move. The stock reached its year-low earlier this month, and while it has performed better in the week since, only time will tell if the company is on the road to recovery. Investors looking to take a risk and grab a few shares while values are low would look to 32red to satisfy that urge.

Trading activity has been relatively split with only a small majority of volume leaning towards the sale of shares.

OCA News Editor