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Monitise (MONI) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 28

While things began tumultuously for the UK-based mobile money management service Monitise, trading levelled out with the stock making gains and holding ground by midday.

Opening at 28.25, up from the previous day’s close at 28.0, shares took a steep drop twice before 10am, eventually righting and managing to hold ground while returning to opening value.

The stock has yet to make significant gains following the downward trend that started in March. That being said, some brokers and analysts hold faith things will turn around and have gone so far as to make buy recommendations.

The majority of today’s trading activity has focused on shared bought, with just over half, at 50.31%, of volume falling into the buy category.

Following positive comments and cited involvement in the company from billionaire investor Leon Cooperman on CNBC, Monitise enjoyed a surge of interest from investors hanging on the words of the former Goldman Sachs partner.

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