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Vodafone Group (VOD) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 26

Vodafone finished better than expected last week with a recorded growth of 3.88% by closing on Friday. The week’s low came in at 187.55 on Tuesday, but that didn’t last long as share prices quickly rose with only a noticeable dip occurring early Thursday. Share values peaked at 201.29 before closing at 196.85 for the week.

If this is any indication of the week to come, investors can expect to see more upward movement.

Brokers and analysts are a bit perplexed with recommendations coming from every angle to buy, sell and hold.

With chatter that alluded to Vodafone’s eyeballing of TalkTalk last week, shares rose strongly for both firms and telecoms were pushed to the top of the risers list.

Last week shares sold dominated the activity with only 35.13% share volume moving in buy traffic.


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