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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Share Price London Stock Exchange October 26

Friday saw a significant dip in Royal Bank of Scotland share values for the first time all week. Relative to the week’s beginning the news may not come as a significant revelation. However, a dip of nearly 5p is enough to catch the eye of any attentive investor. Regardless the stock has managed to climb steadily over time, recording consistent growth over the past year. Last week share values rose by 6.55%.

With a year-high of 379.70 and Friday’s close at 368.50, it’s not outside the range of possibility for the Royal Bank of Scotland to topple 380 by year’s end.

After showing such marked performance, brokers are urging investors to hold if not outright sell shares while values are high.

So far in October no institution has issued a buy recommendation for RBS stock, while several are reiterating neutral or hold assessments. Citigroup reiterated a sell recommendation on RBS early last week.

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