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Barclays Stocks On Road To Recovery

Barclays Stocks On Road To Recovery

From the beginning of June to the middle of July Barclays’ stock value dropped from 247 right down to 208. However, the last few weeks has seen the stock begin to recover and it has been trading at around 225 for the last few days.

Barclays Stocks On Road To Recovery

While stock prices are being kept down by allegations of fraud, Barclays’ shares look set to rise significantly in value.

The Financial Times 27 analysts that offer a 12 month price target for Barclays have an average target of 280. The highest estimate is 365 and the lowest is 203. This average estimate is a 24.31% increase from the last price of 225.25. So while the stock is currently low it should continue on its recent upwards trend.

The stock lost value after the company was accused of fraud with regard to its dark pool trading operations. Nonetheless, it remains extremely profitable and it is forecast to increase dividends per share by 8.5% this year and a massive 39% next year.

While the allegations of fraud hang over Barclays the stock price is likely to be kept low so this may be a good time to buy. However, there is every indication that in the long term Barclays shares are set to rise to new highs.

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