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Nevada and Delaware, Why Interstate Poker is on the Cards

Nevada and Delaware, Why Interstate Poker is on the Cards

When online poker was legalized in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, everyone was throwing around numbers of expected players and revenues that would have any shareholder smile but almost a year later, the numbers are dismal.

Nevada and Delaware, Why Interstate Poker is on the Cards

With online poker in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey still battling to take off, interstate poker might be the solution.

In fact, it’s estimated that Delaware peaks at around 25 players at peak times and even New Jersey, who is out in the lead, sees possibly 400 players at a time during peak periods which is rather disappointing after all the hype.

In February, Delaware and Nevada signed a first-ever Interstate agreement that would see them pool their player base for interstate poker.

In conjunction with the agreement, the Multi State Internet Gaming Association was created with the aim of getting other states involved.

Since signing the agreement, still nothing has taken place and the pooling of players has yet to happen.

One would think that after the decline of the already poor numbers in May that there would be a push to move forward, but still nothing has materialized.

Right now Nevada is banking on the increase in their numbers by the fact that the WSOP in Las Vegas brought a renewed spike in traffic but the question is; will it hold out after the WSOP dust settles?

In New Jersey, they have not made any decisions yet to get involved in interstate poker. So for now, it’s just business as usual.

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