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UK Gambling Revenues Are on the Up

UK Gambling Revenues Are on the Up

The UK’s remote gambling industry has shown rapid growth from last year. A recent report published by Industry Statistics showed that the country’s remote gambling revenues have reached a staggering £1.06bn for the year ending 30 September 2013 which represents a 16% increase on takings from the previous year.

UK Gambling Revenues Are on the Up

A new report from Industry Statistics shows a 16% increase in all UK gambling revenue from last year.

The Industry Statistics report also detailed how various types of gambling operators made up the overall revenue figures. The largest part of the land-based operators’ revenue in the UK derives from High Street betting shops.

Betting shop revenues account for almost half of overall gambling profits with £3.2bn coming from betting shops in the last year.

Sports-betting also remains popular with takings of up to for £879m while revenue from pool betting and casino comes in at much lower figures with £108m and £30 respectively.

Future reports from Industry Statistics are expected to show a further increase in the future. This is mainly because all UK serving gambling operators are due to come under heavier taxation later this year.

The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Bill that recently passed will mean that operators taking bets from British punters must pay tax to the Gambling Commission regardless of where they are based.

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