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Full Flush Poker Acquires Integer Poker

Full Flush Poker Acquires Integer Poker

Integer Poker no longer exists.

Full Flush Poker Acquires Integer Poker

It was announced this morning that Integer Poker has been acquired by Full Flush Poker.

It was recently reported that Full Flush Poker, which is a member of the Equity Poker Network (EPN), acquired Integer Poker and moved all their players over to Full Flush Poker with immediate effect.

Full Flush Poker (FFP) recently withdraw from all regulated U.S. markets Including Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada yet their core focus is on attracting U.S. players.

The recent acquisition of Integer Poker has enabled Full Flush Poker to broaden their offering to the European market.

The benefit for players of Integer Poker is that both online poker rooms are based on the same network so there will be no increase in table activity and they can also now take advantage of the many tournaments and promotions that FFP offers.

Last year November, EPN launched a poker ‘cooperative’ in order to assist poker rooms by allowing a poker room to profit from a player that it acquires. This means that even if a player moves to another room, the original poker room will still benefit. With this new cooperative in place, EPN has removed the element of poaching.

EPN also allows each poker room the freedom to decide on their own promotions, loyalty programs and tournaments.

Despite criticism from the poker community, this network also encourages the recruitment of recreational players as opposed to winning players. The reason for this is that recreational players often lose their money and then reload and this increases money in the system.

EPN, which is currently positioned 34 out of 80 networks worldwide, also charges a ‘Shark/Winners Tax’ to those poker rooms who have more winning players and in April this year, Poker Host, which is an EPN room, closed players’ account for what they referred to as “aggressive play within the network”.

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