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PokerStars Prepares For Possible Acquisition

PokerStars Prepares For Possible Acquisition

Over the last few months rumors have been circulating that various gambling firms may purchase PokerStars. Some rumors have said that Wynn was a potential buyer while others have pointed the finger at William Hill and Amaya Gaming.

PokerStars Prepares For Possible Acquisition

Industry insiders believe there might be some truth in rumors of a possible acquisition of PokerStars.

While these rumors may at first sound unlikely, PokerStars’ recent actions suggest that there might be some truth to them.

The company’s CEO, Mark Scheinberg, has recently been building out the executive team to reduce his role while at the same time looking for a successor. If this is true then it is quite possible that he would be willing to sell the company.

Much of the company’s recent success can be attributed to Mark Scheinberg. It is said that he is determined to re-enter the US market and open a new major office there.

PokerStars was apparently ready to establish itself in New Jersey and open a major poker room there before its application for a license was suspended.

The company is now said to be focused on California and it is easy to believe that Scheinberg would be willing to relocate. Furthermore, if a potential buyer of the company was respectful and likely to receive operating licenses in the US then a sale is far from inconceivable.

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