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Macau Cashes In on Increased Minimum Bets

Macau Cashes In on Increased Minimum Bets

The revenue generated by Macau’s numerous casinos is at an all-time high with figures far surpassing that of Las Vegas. However, the difference in gaming revenue is not down to a larger number of players visiting Macau, instead it is higher bets that sustain the income of the eastern gambling capital.

Macau Cashes In on Increased Minimum Bets

Macau’s soaring revenue is due to a steady increase in minimum bet levels rather than an increase in gambler numbers.

Though high-stake VIP players are a constant feature at Macau’s tables, the casinos are finding ways to maximize on mass market gambling which is now responsible for almost half of Macau’s gambling revenue.

The minimum bets generally placed in Macau have remained constant since last year, around HK$300 for baccarat and blackjack. However, there has been considerable change in the mix of table minimums. The lower minimum tables have been relegated to the upper floors of many casinos while on the main floors the minimums increase drastically with HK$500, HK$800, HK$1,000, HK$1,500 and HK$3,000 all mixed together.

There are also special gaming areas with even higher limits.

While the higher minimum levels have brought in greater revenue, it is causing concern that the average Chinese player will not be able to afford paying for expensive hotel rooms and continue betting at the tables. There is a chance that they will opt to continue their gaming in cheaper markets such as Vietnam or the Philippines.

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