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Big Surprise for Online Poker Affiliates in New Jersey

Big Surprise for Online Poker Affiliates in New Jersey

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) has sent a letter to six U.S. affiliates demanding that they immediately remove unauthorized online gaming links or face criminal and civil sanctions.

Big Surprise for Online Poker Affiliates in New Jersey

Six U.S. affiliates have received a letter from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to remove unauthorized online gaming links.

Top affiliate websites such as,,,, and one unnamed site, received the letter which was signed by George N. Rover, New Jersey Assistant Attorney General.

According to Kerry Langan, DGE spokeswomen, this move was to prevent the association between legal sites and these illegal sites.

The choice now lies in these affiliates hands between promoting unregulated or regulated rooms.

To date, super-affiliates have been known to engage in corruption such as threats of costly lawsuits, player poaching, secret rake-back deals and more in order to muscle out the smaller websites.

These unlicensed rooms also accept any form of payment and they do not require a player verification check. Furthermore, they also do not pay taxes and they accept worldwide players. They are also not required to get permission from regulators for their promotions or for new games.

As a result of these underhand tactics, affiliates focus on high-volume players as opposed to attracting new players which is the key role of an affiliate. Today, affiliates simply hand off players to each other based on which affiliate can offer the better deal at the time.

At the end of the day, super-affiliates have been ruling the roost and their focus unfortunately has been on the benefits and not on the player.

Thanks to the latest action by the DGE, unlicensed online poker in the U.S. could take a knock. This should boost the success of licensed online poker rooms in New Jersey and Nevada which have unfortunately been at the mercy of these slippery super-affiliates for way too long.

OCA News Editor