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Centurion Solutions Committing £5m to GamCrowd Investment

Centurion Solutions Committing £5m to GamCrowd Investment

Gamcrowd, a gambling crowdfunding platform, has secured an agreement with Centurion Solution to invest £5 million towards start-ups in the gambling sector looking to raise funds.

Centurion Solution is well known for their risk management and mitigation services.

The funding will be a combination of funds from Centurion and from its global clients that includes racing and sports trading companies. As part of the deal, Centurion has also secured the right to invest in Gamcrowd when they are ready for their first round of funding.

This is not the first time Centurion has made such types of investments, having invested in Fox Poker Club in the past and they were extremely satisfied with the result of this.

GamCrowd founder, Chris North, who was also involved in Fox Poker Club, expressed that he is very pleased to be working with Centurion again and that besides the capital they also bring knowledge and experience to the table.

Dennis Verrrios, executive director of Centurion, commented that there is currently a wave of innovation taking place in the gambling industry and that they want to take advantage of this. GamCrowd have already signed up 25 start-ups to date who are looking for funding.

OCA News Editor