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Neteller Set To Make Its U.S. Comeback

Neteller Set To Make Its U.S. Comeback

Since the passing of The Unlawful Internet Gambling Act (UIGEA) in 2006 in the U.S., most gambling payment processors had to either operate illegally or pack up shop. With the legalization of online gambling in some states including, Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada, Optimal Payments has announced they will be launching Neteller online payment services and Net+ card in these jurisdictions.

Neteller is still a strong brand recognized in the U.S. by many gamblers from prior to the passing of the UIGEA. Credit card processors have been lax in adapting and changing their policies to meet the new legislation which has made funding accounts by many gamblers difficult.

The company will work through a U.S. financial institution sponsor to offer their services. Joel Leonoff, president and CEO of Optimal Payments commented that the Neteller services and the Net+ Card for the U.S. have been specifically developed to meet the unique demands of the country.

Leonoff further said that with their U.S. financial institution sponsor, they will be able to leverage their flexible deposit and payment solutions combined with their expertise, management and resources to offer a unique solution in the U.S. Users of the new product can expect to see new features and capabilities and well as improved security.

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